Social Media Activation

Monoca Collective/Fri, Jan 2022

Building brand awareness is not an easy task, mainly for those that are newly starting a business. Sasana Kopi’s owner is an example. This new coffee shop that has just started in 2021, tried to build its brand awareness through Instagram, but it was not as easy as expected, adding the situation of Restrictions On Community Activities (PPKM), making Sasana Kopi obligated to adapt with the rules of the Government. As Sasana Kopi has restricted the number of human resources and needed a well-planned strategy making, Sasana Kopi needed an agent to help with their complications.


Monoca is sure Social Media Activation is something that truly impacts the presence of an audience, which will then lead to them being customers of Sasana Kopi. We have tried to build a communicative strategy that is qualified to develop values from the brand, which in Sasana Kopi is a strategic location and a comfortable interior and ambience to work or even hang out with peers or family. Other than that, many creative strategies through photos, videos, and copywriting then visualized impactfully, is the key is the success of Social Media Activation we developed.


: Monoc√° Collective