Social Media Activation

Monoca Collective/Fri, Jan 2022

The first meeting of Monoca with PT. Djarum is the finalization of one of the most influential people in Monoca. At the time, PT. Djarum’s marketing team was looking for a Graphic Designer to help with their social media content, precisely for the Instagram of Kopi Tubruk Gadjah, based in Padang. Yet we all know, planning consequential visual content was not something simple to do. A team is needed not to only take responsibility for the visual product, but also to strategize long-term marketing, which leads our marketing team to not hesitate in finalizing our closure with Djarum’s audience, in forms of regular Instagram posting.

The contents in Kopi Tubruk Gadjah are focused on their main products. This leads us to find a strategy, to produce content that is familiar with the audience, whilst still marketing them with clear intention. Adding idea collaboration from our Social Media Activation Team, we compiled many conventional contents along with high-quality copywriting, topped with trending topics currently happening. For example, in the season of Euro 2020, we tried to develop closeness with our audience by creating content that is up-to-date with what was currently happening in the game. Supported by fun activities from Djarum’s marketing team like giveaways, we were able to create and actualize contents that instantly grabbed the audience’s attention.


: Monoc√° Collective