Social Media Activation

Monoca Collective/Fri, Jan 2022

The content that was born from Coklat Kita Padang's Instagram refers to the central community Instagram account that has been running first. So we already had a concept reference for how to execute our Coklat Kita content later. But, of course, we still looked for a special identity that is the hallmark of the Coklat Kita community in Padang. One of them is through the content of the Ranah Minang segment which provides information and knowledge about Minangkabau.


As we know, Minangkabau culture is very rich with values that can be shared from time to time. In addition, we also present Trivia-type content, especially those related to daily activities or events that are often experienced by most people. These two content segments are nothing but intended so that the Coklat Kita audience can relate and be closer to the content that we present. So later it is expected to attract attention and influence more audiences, especially the people of West Sumatra.


: Monoc√° Collective