It all started from scratch; through a series of brainstorming, we act as a collective. We broaden it with in-depth visual research, explorative planning, and brave, creative experiments with all visual artists passionate in living and aiming to work collectively for 552 hours. In our main goals, Restpack wanted to embody awareness and respect toward visual artists in West Sumatra in a new Visual Art Exhibition concept. Last but not least, we ensured all the outcomes served beyond expectation to the visitors. 

Our main gate provided merchandise for art and design enthusiasts, 100% funded from merchandise directed to Aksi Ligat Perimbun on 31 March 2020 against Covid-19. We offered 3 Augmented Reality (AR) Posters to achieve a really vibrant visual art exhibition in our loading spot. With a little help from Artivive Aplications, AR Poster was really for a truly Insta-worthy post.


This exhibition's strategy was deep-rooted in the universal truth that visitors wanna form their own unique experiences from all Visual Arts and Augmented Reality (AR) Posters and took the picturesque side that interests them in their minds. The reach-through feed and story content on Instagram was unexpected.

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